Pure Canna Organics is a whole plant (CBD) company. We conduct all processing from plant to bottle in our facilities. We take great pride with every batch of extract that we create. All products are 3rd party lab tested to ensure our customers not only receive a safe product, but to guarantee the proper amount of CBD in each and every bottle. We formulate our full spectrum & THC FREE oil using food grade alcohol to bring you a full flavor, complete full spectrum product without any chemicals or additives. This process combined with our filtration system gives you a clean, true full spectrum CBD product. Our THC Free products are lab tested at 0.00% THC. We offer them for those with a THC sensitivy and are extracted using C02. CBV Drops, Topicals, Gummies, Coffee, Pet Treats & More!

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Hi folks! This is the area of the website where most companies use all kinds of adjectives to proclaim how their products are great and you should only purchase their products. Well, we do things a little different. We have searched for the best of the best. We’ve read all the claims and vetted their products. We have used the products and tested them ourselves or asked customers to try them and evaluate their performance. A lot of products that we’ve found or had presented to us haven’t made it to our shelves. At one point or another they failed our exhaustive scrutiny. Those that have proven their quality and performance are the ones you will find in our store and on this website. We do the research and testing for you. Our customer base has graciously helped us in this process and we are very grateful to them. The bottom line is our products are tried and tested and proven to be of highest quality and high performance. We only present the best of the best from companies with the highest standards. We do not play chemist in the backroom kitchen and brew our own or put our label on someone else’s product. Our products perform and give the expected results you’re looking for. Give our products a try and start smiling and feeling better again. Have questions? PLEASE! Feel free to call and talk to us directly at any time.Thanks for reading and reviewing our website and we’re looking forward to your better health.

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Garden Goddess

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Why would you trust our products over all others? Well, here are some good points to consider.

1. We use products daily for our own pain and discomfort.
2. All of our products are researched and heavily vetted for quality and performance. Through analyzing third party labs and researching where the hemp is produced and how it’s farmed and we rate it.
3. Customer feedback on products is critical as well. We listen to our customers. Their satisfaction is the final approval stage.
4. We rely on experience and educated chemists and scientists to formulate our products that back up their product.
5. We DO NOT brew it in the backroom kitchen.These are the points that have grown our customer base in the beginning and keep it growing on a daily basis. Compare our products to others and you’ll enjoy the difference too!!!